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 YouWillFear's Ranger Application

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PostSubject: YouWillFear's Ranger Application   Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:16 am

Name in Steam Friends: [SBRP] YouWillFear.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41495393

Why do you want to join the Rangers, What are you reasons for doing so?:I think this would broaden my Roleplay skill, and The Ranger's take in Metro 2033 appeals to me in a very promising way.

What are you expecting the Rangers will be like for you and your character?: Fun, Very Roleplayful and would broaden one's character backstory and Roleplay Experience and would be fun to help others.

What are your character's personality traits?: Patient, Happy, Friendly, Helpful, forgiving, Justified.

What is your Character's broad backstory? (Explain it with few paragraphs)

I am commonly known as Colin, But my Full name is Colin Young. I was in the middle of Moscow on a family vacation when the nuclear bombs started flying.
I was 15, and still with a very strong english accent, But I have thinned it out to a fine line since then, and was the only part of my small family to survive.
When I found that my family wasn't with me when I had entered, I had realized death is better than living alone, and so my life in the Metro's started. I was raised
to the age of 20 by a Swedish man named Jesper, I always wondered how he came to be here, but I never gathered up the courage to ask. Jesper Died as he was escorting
me to Main Station, In the Heart of Moscow, Where I began the true adventures of my life. When a Horde of Nosalises raged through the tunnels near Main Station, is
when Jesper had died for me, I didn't have enough time to get his things before the nosalis horde was close to my back, lucky for me, the guards at Main Station had
opened the doors for me and fought off the horde. To this day I have been wondering the tunnels around this station sneaking past Reich and Bandits, and one day,
I saw a man being beat by 4 different bandits, and there was nothing I could do, I watched hopelessly as he was beat to death, feeling useless and a tad bit suicidal.
I have been wanting to make a difference by joining the Rangers ever since, and I see this as a chance to help everyone.

In Character Application

Name of Applicant: Colin Young

Country of Birth: England

Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Jet Black

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Height: 6'1

Weight: 147 Lbs.

Blood type:B-

Identifiable Marks:None

Race: Caucasian

Why do you want to join the Ranger and its forces?: I want to help the average person that is harrassed by Bandits and that want protection or escort from one place to another. The Reich Problem also concerns me, after the raid I was determained to fight the fiends sniffing up life like the Dark One.

Will you obey your commanding officers and do what is told to do?:I will fight to the death with no rejection to my commanding officer but won't have a titanium rod up my ass. (Metaphor for "Layed Back")
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PostSubject: Re: YouWillFear's Ranger Application   Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:20 am

+ Support...Again...
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PostSubject: Re: YouWillFear's Ranger Application   Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:34 am

Read it, Great application.
Approved, Getting a Whitelist once the server is up.
Thread locked.
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PostSubject: Re: YouWillFear's Ranger Application   

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YouWillFear's Ranger Application
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