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 Jim's Ranger Application

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Jim Russ

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PostSubject: Jim's Ranger Application   Jim's Ranger Application I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 3:38 am

Name in Steam Friends: Jim Russle

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37475407

Why do you want to join the Rangers, What are you reasons for doing so?: Well, ever since I've read the book, played the games, been with a few other Metro2033 servers, Ive always been the ranger type, I like the roleplay of the passive group of the rangers, aswell as the combat roleplay, being at the frontlines of a mutant invasion of a metro station, Ive always liked either kind, and I'd like to think im capable of doing both aswell.

What are you expecting the Rangers will be like for you and your character?: Proud, Honorable, And even eerie at times, the thinks rangers are asked, and not asked to do will often be the choice of life or death, and for my character that would be fearful, though honorable.
What are your character's personality traits?: Quiet, Smart, Helpful, Enduring.

What is your Character's broad backstory? (Explain it with few paragraphs)

Dmitry Desya, I suppose never really anything special, a common infant in moscow's confines, no father, a mother who barely got by waitressing, and other jobs on the side. She did love Dmitry, She fed him, absolutely never put herself before him. Dmitry's father, enlisted into the ranks long before Dmitry's birth, was killed in action, fighting for the banner red. Dmitry never met him, never knew about him, vaguely grasping the memories of his mothers face at all. When the Nuclear warheads emitted from the skies, Dmitry was sent off into the metros, his mother holding him as close as ever, but it wasnt enough, he was lost in the crowd's, his mother stuck behind the horde of panicking moscow inhabitants. Dmitry was raised by several people of the metro, but finally came to rest at a station by the name of Polshnevskya, and raised at the hands of the stations guard staff, raised as a fighter, tought to fire weapons, how to maintain them. Though this, parenting given by the staff was somewhat modest, as they did protect the station, he grew up with good morals. But good morals did not protect the station, or him, it was overrun with mutants, Nosalis, and creatures alike, rampaging the station through, something driven the horde to the gates, in fear. The station was overrun, Dmitri escaping a back route through a forbidden pass, following it blindly as the anonymous sounds of the metro enveloped him, in total darkness, at first he grew mad, then came to terms, knew the darkness, faint light coming in from time to time, he followed it until he came upon a station, a station, a station where ranger presence was known, knowing nothing else than to fight, and to protect and serve, he of course enlisted.

In Character Application

(Written in sloppy, bad handwriting)
Name of Applicant: Dmitry Desya

Country of Birth: Russia

Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 6'3

Weight: 245 Lbs.

Blood type: O

Identifiable Marks: Broken, contorted nose.

Race: Caucasian

Why do you want to join the Ranger and its forces?: I.... Have nothing else. This is all I know.

Will you obey your commanding officers and do what is told to do?: Taking orders is something... I am good at.
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Jim's Ranger Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jim's Ranger Application   Jim's Ranger Application I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 6:58 am

This guy's good, I'd approve him on spot!
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Jim's Ranger Application
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