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 Sasha Kalenko's Ranger Application

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PostSubject: Sasha Kalenko's Ranger Application   Sasha Kalenko's Ranger Application I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 12:45 pm

Name in Steam Friends: Noman

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43712059

Why do you want to join the Rangers, What are you reasons for doing so?: Rangers do good deeds and i appreciate they're resoect. Some Rangers suggested for me to apply and I agreed! Smile

What are you expecting the Rangers will be like for you and your character?: I expect that they will be loyal, trustworthy and cooperative in order to complete their task. They will be friendly and offer to assist and help at anytime if a fellow Ranger is in need.

What are your character's personality traits?: Funny, Determined, Perseverance, Friendly, Loyal, Trusworthy and Respectful.

What is your Character's broad backstory? Sasha Kalenko used to live in Black Station with his brother Misha Kalenko. They lived happy doing they're duty as blacksmiths until one day. The 4th Reich attacked the station and killed many people, including Sasha's brother. Sasha escaped the station and came across where he is today. Sasha Kalenko extremely hates the 4th Reich and wishes to join the Rangers to do good deeds and make the metro a safer place.

In Character Application

Name of Applicant: Sasha Kalenko

Country of Birth: Russia

Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 6,1

Weight: 140 LBS

Blood type: Blood Type B

Identifiable Marks: Scar on neck, stitched bullet wound from interaction with 4th reich

Race: Russian

Why do you want to join the Ranger and its forces?: The Rangers have helped me through out so much. From battles, mutants and from when I was injured. They are very respectful and easy to work with. They do good deeds and help the people of the metro. Furthermore, I have close friends and they are Ranger so the cooperating will be very easy.

Will you obey your commanding officers and do what is told to do?: Ofcourse, that is my duty and I will do what they tell me to do.
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Sasha Kalenko's Ranger Application
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