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 Vladimir Cheknokov's Journal

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PostSubject: Vladimir Cheknokov's Journal   Vladimir Cheknokov's Journal I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 6:57 am

*An exerpt from a journal written by the Bandit Leader Vladimir Cheknokov.

June 5th, 2034-

Entry 1
I've gone into hiding with a band of stalkers, brothers, named Yuri and Yogri. Ivan and Sasha met up with us in the hideout about an hour ago. Yuri came up with a plan to raid Red Line Station dressed as Fourth Reich soldiers using some suits he got off a group of dead soldiers. It's a great plan, we all agree it's going to work.

Entry 2
I'm dressed in my suit now, so is everybody else. WE're all using standard AK74U's and Yuri is disguised as our officer. We're heading down to the station now. Let's hope this works.

Entry 3
WE barged into the station, firing into the air, taking out armed defenders, capturing many prisoners and taking everything. WE believe they heard us coming from the front, so we dodged around the behind of the station to take them. I got 3 of those bastards. It was a huge success, we killed many communists, civilians and even a few rangers. I returned toting a few extra AK's of several variants.

Entry 4
A mercenary band is at the Stalker's hideout, Yuri warned me not to go back. We're going through the other tunnels to Hell Station, we'll camp out there for a few days until things cool off.

Entry 5
Mutants attacked Hell Station, we went back to Red Line to restock on gear. When we left, the mercenaries found us and Sasha was injured. We've pulled back to the old hideout for the time being. We'll start our regular attacks on loners and groups again soon, hopefully.
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Vladimir Cheknokov's Journal
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