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 Ban Request for Bizerco

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Ban Request for Bizerco Empty
PostSubject: Ban Request for Bizerco   Ban Request for Bizerco I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 2:19 pm

• Steam name of the person who should be banned. Bizerco

• Character name of the person who should be banned. Thomas Swift (or something similiar)

• SteamID of the person who should be banned.
(Couldn't catch before I had to evacuate before he RDM'd me)

• Legitimate reason for why a ban should be carried out. WE had just murdered a combine recruit, and I'd picked up his pistol. Bizerco was upset because he wanted the pistol, we had a short IC disscussion on it, and I ended up having it still, so then he starts to walk away and just goes "/me stabs the man in the back, killing him instantly." So I'm like "You can't just powergame like that." and he says "how do you react to being stabbed in the back." Then when I say, "So if I had just said "/me stabs the man in the heart." during our previous interaction, you'd be okay with that?" He just started stabbing me with his knife weapon with no proper RP.

• Proof of rule-breaking. I had to quickly exit before he managed to actually kill me, but 3 other players witnessed this. A "brawny asian male" character, a "thin female" character and another male whose description I did not catch.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: At least drop the damned pistol.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: If ur gunna die
** The pistol drops but it is ID-Locked,so no luck using it.
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: there
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: happy?
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: There's no id locks
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: you cant even USE the sodding thing
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Those don't exist
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: yes they do actually
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Go play Hl2
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Yeah drop the gun and we'll check the forums after this.
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: gordon freeman had a similar bio-signal
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: You literally walk up, pick up the pistol and shoot it
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: to the OTA
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: and CPs
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: What OTA?
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: How in the fuck man?
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: What?
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: He had a damned hev.
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: you obviously dont know HL2 canon
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: And what about the rebels?
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: you want to SEE the damn pistol?
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: I know a lot about Hl2
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Then drop it, We won't be able to use it..
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: and I've never heard anything about that
[LOOC] MPF-RCT.71370: see?
** MPF-RCT.71370 stops sputtering and choking and falls over,dead as a doornail
** [A Canadian male, grea...] picks the gun off the ground.
** [A Canadian male, grea...] feels it.
** [A white male early 30...] pointing his knife at the man..
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "Considering this biosignal lock..."
[A white male early 30...] says "I do believe that to be.."
[OOC] Garet Robinson: I'm back
** Kelly Kirisame watches teh murder scene.
** [A Canadian male, grea...] withdraws his knife from the MPF's face.
[Thin 5'9 female aroun...] says "Damn."
[OOC] Thomas Swift: Happy? I have 58% knife.
[OOC] MPF-RCT.71370: im VERY happy
Thomas Swift says "Like i said, I'll be takeing the gun."
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "Don't think so."
** [|21||New arrival||Bra...] applauds
[OOC] Thomas Swift: Be lucky its not a rare.
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "My plan."
[|21||New arrival||Bra...] says "Well done. "
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "I made the first move."
** [Thin 5'9 female aroun...] crawls over to the dead lifeless body.
Thomas Swift says "What are you talking about?"
[Thin 5'9 female aroun...] says "May I have this?"
Thomas Swift says "Don't make me kill you."
Thomas Swift says "I still have a knife.."
** [A Canadian male, grea...] holds his own.
[|21||New arrival||Bra...] says "That's one less, out of the thousands out there."
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "So do I."
** [Thin 5'9 female aroun...] pulls its arm, dragging it away.
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "And I have a pistol."
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: No you don't.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Ya I do
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Remember?
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Just not an item
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: It was in the cps mask.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: I just /me'd taking it out
[OOC] Garet Robinson: AFK
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: No you diden't.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Ya I did, look at the logs.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Never mind.
Thomas Swift says "Allright fine.."
[|21||New arrival||Bra...] says "Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let's kick the ballistics here.. we have Combine we should be disposing of."
** Thomas Swift pulls out his knife stabing the man in the back as he walks off.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Enjoy, You are now litterly dead..
[A Canadian male, grea...] says "I think that woman just dragged the combine off to eat for dinner."
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Step 1. No, that's FailRP and Godmodding
[LOOC] Ellan Strizic: Damn cannibal.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Step 2. No, that's not how it works
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: You got stabed in the back, How are you going to survive?
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: You don't even have kevlar.
[OOC] Jackson McMurray: Cuz you didn't stab me in the back
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Cuz you didn't stab me in the back
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: I did look at the /me..
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: You just powergamed it though
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: You can't just go
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: React then.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: 'oh ya and i killed you lol'
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Go on, How are you just going to react to getting stabed in the back.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: You can't dodge it, You can't take my hand with your hand.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: So I could have just gone
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Before you "left"
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: /me stabs him in the heart.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: And you'd be fine with that?
[OOC] Thomas Swift: Oh he left..what a puss.

[A nice steam chat in which I tried to approach this a bit jokingly and he flipped]
Bizerco: Thats nice i have logs.
Pizza Man: So
Bizerco: Go bullshit Mac pala and the other super.
Bizerco: I had my resons for wanting that gun rply.
Pizza Man: Logs say you did 3 /me's without time for reacting
Pizza Man: IC doesn't matter in this
Bizerco: Thats nice.
Pizza Man: It's your OOC failing.
Bizerco: Yes it does.
Bizerco: How is it oocly?
Bizerco: You failed fear rp.
Pizza Man: How?
Bizerco: This is not oocly happy fun time.
Bizerco: Its a rp.
Pizza Man: I had a gun and a knife
Pizza Man: And I made the plan and rallied people together
Bizerco: Dude.
Bizerco: We both knew the gun was id locked.
Bizerco: No you diden't.
Pizza Man: Your character can stab someone with a knife congrats.
Bizerco: I had the bloody knife!
Bizerco: A rare knife.
Bizerco: Look at my screen shots.
Bizerco: That knife was rare and powerful as fuck.
Bizerco: 120 can insta you on headshot.
Bizerco: I had 115.
Pizza Man: Your /me was a fail
Bizerco: Besides that, We both knew the gun was locked. You had a gun no ammo.
Bizerco: Say what ever you want.
Bizerco: Your a moron.
Bizerco: And we'll see who the fuck wins.
Bizerco: Besides that what would you do with it eh?
Bizerco: A id locked gun.
Bizerco: Mind you, The ofc doesen't have one.
Bizerco: The vorts a icly thing.
Bizerco: I don't even know where Macs vort gos to.
Bizerco: And you have the rplyness of a squel.
Bizerco: You coulden't sit there and aim a gun at some one to mug them.
Bizerco: Because your not smart enough.
Pizza Man: I love how I made plans to attack the combine, then rallied people and managed to pull it off
Bizerco: Its not DD Its a hl2.
Bizerco: You diden't.
Pizza Man: And all you did was stab a CP
Bizerco: I showed you my knife.
Pizza Man: And you think I'm not smart enough.
Bizerco: And said lets go get him.
Bizerco: I stabed the cp with a knife in the back of the head in the back of the neck.
Bizerco: That is litterly a insta pking spot.
Bizerco: Besides you put up a bitch fight cause he woulden't give it to you over it being a locke gun.
Bizerco: And you diden't believe it.
Bizerco: But tell me.
Bizerco: What would the all might Pizza of done with the gun?
Pizza Man: Idk
Bizerco: Exactly.
Bizerco: You had no plans.
Pizza Man: Maybe I'll toss it into an incinerator and watch it burn.
Pizza Man: Or I'll make a lamp out of it.
Bizerco: Were you gonna fucking meta and hunt down Macs vort.
Pizza Man: I love how you just assume I'm going to go and do something, because you mentioned it one or twice.
Bizerco: Because your predictible.
Bizerco: Besides that, This is hl2 rp.
Bizerco: Were you just gonna sit in the sewers intill it was unlocked?
Pizza Man: Ok, continue on how you're better than me, and I'm inferior for no reason.
Bizerco: I never said that.
Bizerco: I said that your perdictible and can't think rply.
Bizerco: Even more as your going on and saying on how its oocly.
Bizerco: Your so damned smart?
Bizerco: How were you gonna avoid my death blow?
Pizza Man: *You're
Bizerco: It was a rare knife.
Bizerco: It was a back stab.
Bizerco: And you weren't even looking at me.
Pizza Man: I mean at least I know the difference between your and you're.
Bizerco: Infact you were talking to the chick.
Pizza Man: I wasn't talking to anyone...
Pizza Man: And you did 3 /me's with no reaction inside of one line.
Pizza Man: Then just tried to kill me anyways.
Bizerco: I'm sure.
Bizerco: I am sure.
Bizerco: Like how you instantly grabed that gun before any one could stop you?
Pizza Man: I /me'd it
Pizza Man: Nobody attempted to counter it
Bizerco: And before any one could react you..
Bizerco: No shit we diden't have time!
Pizza Man: Well you could of
Bizerco: I diden't have time.
Bizerco: Look at the fucking logs.
Pizza Man: Who says you didn't have time?
Pizza Man: I mean
Pizza Man: Gun could be in my inventory and we can still RP
Bizerco: Yeah...
Bizerco: Like you'd of droped it.
Pizza Man: Anyways, upon joining the server you AGREED you don't need items or weapons to RP
Bizerco: You have no fucking fear rp.
Bizerco: Thats true, I don't.
Pizza Man: What did I have to fear?
Bizerco: But you did as well.
Pizza Man: We both had knives
Bizerco: I had a god damned knife in your face.
Pizza Man: And I had a locked gun
Bizerco: Yeah, And mine was beter.
Bizerco: Yeah, Whatca gonna do?
Pizza Man: You never RP'd putting a knife to my face
Bizerco: Pistol whip me with plastic/
Pizza Man: And I'd like to point out
Pizza Man: It'd be meta to say your knife was better
Pizza Man: Cuz how would I know?
Bizerco: Its a rare.
Bizerco: Its special.
Pizza Man: So, how would I know?
Bizerco: It was a event knife.
Bizerco: Well for one my knife was a actuall enity.
Bizerco: Two you never asked.
Bizerco: Three it does more damage then a normal knife.
Pizza Man: So, you don't need weapons or items to roleplay.
Bizerco: If it were still intact from a minge
Bizerco: Then what the hell did you do?
Pizza Man: And how would I know it does more damage than a regular knife?
Bizerco: A normal knife does 5.
Bizerco: Mine does 10.
Bizerco: And fucking magic physics.
Pizza Man: Those are OOC statistics, and how would I know?
Bizerco: Ooc statics.
Bizerco: Right..
Bizerco: Cause your plastic or rusty knives are just as good..
Bizerco: And you woulden't.
Bizerco: Hence the point.
Bizerco: But did you fear it?
Bizerco: No.
Bizerco: Did you even stop to question.
Bizerco: No.
Pizza Man: You never said what type of knife it was
Bizerco: Did you sit there and think well perhaps since he has a knife i should drop the gun as it may be special?
Bizerco: I never needed to.
Pizza Man: I just imagined it as a partially rusted old knife like mine.
Bizerco: >I just imagined.
Bizerco: Thats it.
Bizerco: You diden't think.
Pizza Man: Well yes, if you're going to say it's better, you'd need to make that clear.
Pizza Man: I did think
Bizerco: No i don't.
Bizerco: That'd mean i'd be givening away info that would be enough for you to attempt to take it.
Pizza Man: Well then we go back to question
Pizza Man: Why should my character be afraid of a knife, if he has a knife that he believes is the exact same?
Bizerco: My knife though now broken is a six inch bowie knife that could easyly cut open a can to going half way throgh a solid log.
Bizerco: Key word.
Bizerco: "Believes."
Pizza Man: Yes
Bizerco: Besides that, theres two varyibles here.
Pizza Man: This is RP
Bizerco: Two.
Bizerco: The other guys.
Pizza Man: It's all about what your character believes
Bizerco: And me stabing you in the back.
Pizza Man: No
Pizza Man: You didn't do that with proper RP
Bizerco: How did we kill the cp then?
Bizerco: Eh?
Bizerco: Did you really kill him?
Pizza Man: You jammed what should have been 3 'me's in one, and didn't give time to react
Bizerco: Did you deal the death blow?
Bizerco: How could you react?
Pizza Man: Well
Bizerco: Are you from the fucking matwix?
Pizza Man: I could react to you walking away
Bizerco: Can you stop time.
Pizza Man: To you pulling out a knife
Bizerco: You diden't though.
Bizerco: You were talking to some one.
Bizerco: Its in the logs.
Bizerco: Go look.
Pizza Man: I wasn't talking to anyone
Pizza Man: It isn't in the logs
Pizza Man: I have logs you posted right here
Bizerco: Then read them well.
Pizza Man: Nothing about me talking to anyone during that.
Pizza Man: And I'll go back to the
Pizza Man: You put what SHOULD have been 3 /me's into one
Pizza Man: Without giving time to react to each
Bizerco: Cool story?
Bizerco: I'm still going on with my post.
Bizerco: I'm getting your arse banned, And that pistol.
Pizza Man: So you don't care that you powergamed and godmodded?
Bizerco: I power gamned and godmodded as much as we did as we killed the cp.
Bizerco: Bye though "Bro."
Pizza Man: No
Pizza Man: The CP agreed
Pizza Man: And was fair with it
Bizerco: Enjoy being blocked.
Pizza Man: You just jammed all the /me's into one sentence and didn't give time to react
Pizza Man: Now, how is that fair?
[At this point he blocked me so.]
[Later he also said this]
Bizerco: Hey Pizza you like talking me so damned much.
Bizerco: Go to fucking hell you cunt face.
Bizerco: Allso peace.
Bizerco: Shame how your too pussy shit and unman enough to fight me let alone face me like a real god damned man.
Bizerco: See you in hell you little whore of a man who in ban posts must bring personal talks to benifit him self were he attempts to piss off his 'friend'.
Bizerco: Go get ran over.
Bizerco is now Offline.

[Again, tonight on the cliff in the village area, this happened (chat logs)]
** Jackson McMurray checks his ammunition.
** [A white male early 30...] points his gun at the mans head.
[OOC] Jackson McMurray: Bizerco is doing the failRP thing again.
** [A white male early 30...] pulls the trigger as he has a raised gun and refuses to takeing a risk..
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Got screens bro, Do it.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Do what?
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Shoot me.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Allready ran from death.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Who said I was going to shoot you?
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: You pointed your gun at me..
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: You ran, Did a 180 and aimed at me.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: You litterly had a heashot.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: I wasn't going to shoot you, unless you shot at me.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Well gee i was gonna mug you..
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: But then you raised your gun to check ammo.
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: That's breaking a rule
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: How?
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: How is that breaking a rule?
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: Causing violence in the village without probable cause.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: ..This isen't the village.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: It ends at that sign..
[LOOC] Jackson McMurray: I have better gear then you and more connection, and this is the village still.
[LOOC] Thomas Swift: Do what ever i have screens and admins.

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Ban Request for Bizerco Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ban Request for Bizerco   Ban Request for Bizerco I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 3:39 pm

So you go to have a chat with me, Upste me repeat your self seven times and admit to being a idiot affter i blocked you? Your such a bloody low git. I can't wait till you end up banned, Hopeing you get banned. Ey, I'm a freeman who thinks really and can say what ever he wants Pizza...And i don't enjoy being used , Even more if its twicest, Like that time in PROJECT:S.A.N.D where you tottaly sold me out when i had plans to bring down Gurra and attempted to sell me out to the forums to get permantly banned, Shame it never worked out of my pure luck....And the fact that i had of given up by said time.
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Age : 33
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Ban Request for Bizerco Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ban Request for Bizerco   Ban Request for Bizerco I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 6:07 pm

Really Pizzaman, Why do you make it a habbit of useing people? And you are perdictible, Highly so, You want your idly locked pistol to start a rebellion and if you do keep it you'll hunt down Macs vort and push the meta game over it intill he breaks its locks and then you'll sit there waiting for a smuggler for the ammo. And i'm sure i can think of more madness that you'll commit, Afterall it woulden't be the first time.
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Ban Request for Bizerco Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ban Request for Bizerco   Ban Request for Bizerco I_icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2012 6:47 pm

Locked and Denied Due to lack of information proofs, we can't believe in an normal copy paste we will need to have pictures and you didn't post them after 3 days so it's locked.
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Ban Request for Bizerco Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ban Request for Bizerco   Ban Request for Bizerco I_icon_minitime

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Ban Request for Bizerco
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