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 Fanfiction (Right Before the Server Shutdown on Thursday)

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Fanfiction (Right Before the Server Shutdown on Thursday) Empty
PostSubject: Fanfiction (Right Before the Server Shutdown on Thursday)   Fanfiction (Right Before the Server Shutdown on Thursday) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 12:57 am

I am commonly known as Colin, But my Full name is Colin Young. I was in the middle of Moscow on a family vacation when the nuclear bombs started flying.
I was 15, and still with a very strong english accent, But I have thinned it out to a fine line since then, and was the only part of my small family to survive.
When I found that my family wasn't with me when I had entered, I had realized death is better than living alone, and so my life in the Metro's started. I was raised
to the age of 20 by a Swedish man named Jesper, I always wondered how he came to be here, but I never gathered up the courage to ask. Jesper Died as he was escorting
me to Main Station, In the Heart of Moscow, Where I began the true adventures of my life. When a Horde of Nosalises raged through the tunnels near Main Station, is
when Jesper had died for me, I didn't have enough time to get his things before the nosalis horde was close to my back, lucky for me, the guards at Main Station had
opened the doors for me and fought off the horde, and this is where I have spent my life up to now. (A day after writing this piece) Colin walked through the Metro's
Market to get something to eat when a raid carried out by The 4th Reich busted the main entrance doors down and fired into the air. They all yelled in unison as if they
had practiced it. Everybody hit the floor as I ran into a random shop area and crawled between some cabinets, a wall, and above me a counter.
Colin hid for what seemed like hours then they had found him, he said in his mind, "Shit, Atleast I will be with my family again".
But It surprised Colin when the Soldier had only dragged him to the courtyard and threw him to the ground and knocked him out. Adan Krasnov walked through the streets of the marketplace for his patrol shift, he thought "I might as well get something to eat, It will be a while before I get fed at base." Adan was a Ranger, somewhat of a noobie to the other rangers around. Adan thought he heard gunfire and a splintering sound, like a door being kicked open. He ran for cover as he thought there could be a raid, but he thought he would make himself look like a fool for it if he was mistaken at the sound of guns firing. He peeked up from his cover and saw a 4th Reich soldier round the corner and the soldier saw him and opened fire at the column. Adan thanked god that he thought it was a raid as then blind fired around the corner, and he he thought he heard a sound of flesh being torn. He thought "That has to be a hit." He peeked to see the soldier on the ground with his gun still pointed at the column and the soldier opened fire once more, hitting Adan in the gut. Adan slouched against the column and turned the column, fighting to the end with pain roaring throughout his body, he hit the soldier in the head, killing him. A citizen turned the corner and saw him, picking Adan up and running off into a secret tunnel entrance and saving Adan. Reznov entered the raid had happened, doing
everything to avoid detection to get the the only man alive beside the other survivor that ran into the tunnels. As the Guard walked away from the man on the ground,
Reznov made his move and with luck by his side, grabbed the man and made it to the tunnels where he carried him on his shoulder to his hideout. Colin woke up and thought
an elephant had crushed his skull, and found a bandage around his head. He looked up and blurilly saw an outline that looked heavily geared and yelped as he thought he
was a prisoner to the god forsaken Fourth Reich. He tried to get up and fight his way out but couldn't stand do to unstableness of his legs. Reznov looked over and saw
that the man had woke up and walked over to help him into the chair next to the sleeping bag he was laying on. The man said "Who are you? Are you Fourth Reich?" Reznov
chuckled and replied "No, son, I am not.". Colin sighed as relief filled his achey body and thanked this mysteryous man for saving him. Reznov half-smiled and said "My
name is Reznov." "Colin Young, Nice to meet you" The young man Colin replied to his savior.

This is some fanfiction I am writing, I would also like different perspectives, as you can see in the fan fiction, I want to write perspectives from the Fourth Reich Soldiers that performed the raid, I would be very grateful if you would get your perspectives. And Also perspectives from other people to, like Red Line Soldiers and other survivors alike myself.
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Fanfiction (Right Before the Server Shutdown on Thursday)
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