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 Staying true to your character beliefs.

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Staying true to your character beliefs. Empty
PostSubject: Staying true to your character beliefs.   Staying true to your character beliefs. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 1:22 am

This is an important part of the role-play itself. If you for example get accepted into the Red Line, you need to remember to that you are to stay true to revolutionary of Che Guevara and guerrilla tactics rather than forming a Red Soviet Army. As their flag and motto is from Che Guevara.

The same goes with the 4th Reich, they believe in a neo-nazi belief rather than the real Nazism. Since they do not praise Hitler, but rather their own Fuhrer and believe that the Russian blood should not be mixed and be kept pure. They seem to simply haven taken the Nazi command structure and military plans along with their own ideology.
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Staying true to your character beliefs.
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