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 Outlands Make a City of Bunker

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PostSubject: Outlands Make a City of Bunker   Mon May 14, 2012 8:05 am

As you are all aware, we are running our Outland server on the map rp_ineu_pass_v1b what less of you might know is that it features an bunker with a large underground network.

I'm thinking of putting the Civies spawn there. And as the title suggest, make a city out of it. That'll be a safe heaven for everyone. It will feature shops, that'll buy and sell you stuff. You can yourself start one even. And here's the best thing. It'll also contain and Arena. Where people can enter as fighters or you can simply visit it and place a bet on a PVP fight or PVE fight.

Outside it, in the forest, is where the OTA will have superiority and their job is to make it unsafe and anyone can make a gang consisting of other civies. Then you can claim grounds with your own gang. And fight others. But the city will be kept safe by it's guards and leader.

The leader and city keeper will be and ex-CA (City Administrator) who rebelled and left the combine, but still holds a great deal of experience. He also brought with him an small MPF force who were loyal to him and he kept from being brainwashed. They will bet the city guards and also train new recruits, without brainwashing then.

I'll run as the CA and organize it and keep it running. Paladin & Bacon both approved this idea and me as the CA

Sidenote, Bacon will run the OTA & Combine by being a Field Commander, in charge of the Outland forces.
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PostSubject: Re: Outlands Make a City of Bunker   Mon May 14, 2012 5:22 pm

A very well done story. I mean, it's a beautiful transition from here on forums to the server. I love it!
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Outlands Make a City of Bunker
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